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A History of Medcom-MP

Medcom-MP LLC was established in 1995. Within the past years, the company firmly solidified its leading positions in the supply of medical gloves, wound dressing and other products. It’s main customer base of distribution consists of hospitals, pharmacies, dental and industrial customers. The company created and actively uses a proprietary economic model in its everyday business to allow not only completely satisfy the needs of hospitals in high-quality medical products, but also rationalize a hospital’s related expenses. The company’s philosophy is to provide protection for a doctor and support the health of his or her patients.

In the past, Medcom-MP operated as a branch company of Reckitt Benckiser. In 2015, the company was purchased by ProLogics UK LLP, a British holding company that is owned by Paul Sofianos and Paul Christodoulou, the American businessmen of Greek origin, who work in Russia during the past 25 years. As a result, operation and logistics were optimized; business procedures became more transparent, and operating costs were lowered.

The company supplies both the hospital and pharmaceutical markets of Russia with more than 30 groups of medical products in different price segments. All products are sourced from the leading domestic and international manufacturers. Medcom-MP has a history of strong long-term cooperation with backbone medical centers, pharmaceutical networks, as well as with small hospitals and pharmacies. Medcom-MP has an individual approach to every single client, a wide selection of products, a reasonable pricing policy, non-stop supply approach, a strict control of deliveries and transparency in relations with partners and clients. These are the key core competencies and are among the company’s many competing advantages.

High quality is the major factor in the criteria specified for the selection of its products. The company’s cornerstone partners are Ansell, Basic Medical, Mölnlycke Health Care, Helm Medical  GmbH, Vogt Medical GmbH, and Pharmaplast. Having a flawless reputation, these large companies have proven themselves by working successfully in dozens of countries as well as actively introducing the newest innovative and advanced technologies.

The company’s basic business component is a segment of the individual protection facilities. Over the past several years, Medcom-MP has become a leader in the supply of professional medical gloves to the Russian hospitals market. Functionality, convenience, high quality, and optimal level of protection are the key features of this type of products.

Wound dressing is the other business direction of the company. The leading position in this segment is occupied by Silkofix®, a brand that was created by the company Medcom-MP. Silkofix patches and bands are successfully used to cover incisions, treat different types of wounds, and facilitate a faster healing process . The Silkofix brand was established and registered by Medcom-MP in 1995; first products under this brand appeared on the market in January 2011. In 2015, the company held 36% of the Russian wound dressing market and had continued to solidify its position.

The company’s classification of products is constantly expanding. It’s share of the syringe and mask market is also increasing. That said the company does not rest on its past achievements. In operating in such a way the negotiations with manufacturers of professional medical products and additional goods are constantly in an ongoing progress.

The creation, refinement and use of its proprietary economic model is among the company’s priorities. Simple mathematical calculations allow the company to assess a hospital’s realistic needs in every type of products. At this stage they then can calculate its optimal volumes, and form full consumption structure, taking into consideration all functions, number and other features. Medcom-MP has solidified its self as a pioneer in these models implementation and thoroughly recognized by other professionals within the community. To give further evidence of such a fact, in 2014, the company won the Da.Signa prize for its clinical economic achievements.

The company’s geography is wide. There are eight regional divisions with 42 representations that cover the whole territory of the country, of which they all guarantee non-stop delivery to hospitals and pharmacies across Russia. To reinforce and keep its know-how consistent, over 600 employees with special professional education work in Medcom-MP.


Medcom-MP: Facts & Figures

  • 22 years of operating on the Russian market
  • 6 years of manufacturing of products under own brand of Silkofix
  • Over 30 groups of medical products
  • More than 1,000 titles of products
  • 3 regional divisions
  • 42 regional representations
  • 30 suppliers
  • 10 direct manufacturing suppliers
  • Over 500 employees


Paul Sofianos,

Chairman of the Board of Directors

of Medcom-MP

Mr. Sofianos is a founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ProLogics UK LLP, consisting of holdings in Work Service S.A. (Warsaw/WSE and London/LSE; the largest outsourcing and out-staffing provider in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia employing over 300,000 people annually), MedCom-MP Ltd. (the largest medical consumable distributor in Russia), and Reviva Holdings Ltd. (the largest department store operator in Russia – Debenhams and Stockmann). He is Chairman and President of the Board of Directors of Work Service S.A. as well as Medcom-MP Ltd.; he is also Vice Chairman of Reviva Holdings Ltd.

Mr. Sofianos has over 30 years of international business experience, having spent the last 20 years based in the Russian Federation. Arriving in Russia in 1995, he has held executive management positions with Pepsi International Bottlers LLC, Hortex Holding S.A., and the U.S.-Russia Investment Fund (later Delta Capital Management).

He has also participated on the board of directors of several of leading Russian and multinational companies, including SUN Interbrew, SPAR, CTC Communications, Saint Springs Water, and the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

Mr. Sofianos holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics and political science including a Juris Doctorate (JD) focusing on commercial and admiralty law.

He is fluent in English, Greek, and Russian.